Our values

A home is a human right

Every one of us deserves a home. Double Denim is determined to raise awareness of the issues that lead to homelessness and to lend our support to organisations that make a difference for people affected by this pervasive social issue. 

Mindful purchasing vs consumerism

We believe that as consumers we can not only be empowered through the choices we make, we can also empower others. Buying products that are ethical, sustainable and that benefit a good cause is a great place to start.

As the food writer, Anna Lappé, once said, 'every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want'. 

Sustainable, ethical, beautiful

We are committed to producing the most sustainable range of heat packs in Australia and we are proud that our packs are 100% plant-based.

By using end-of-cycle cotton denim in our product, we are creating something new from materials that didn't make it into supply partner Nobody Denim's ethically produced fashion ranges. Our focus on using certified organic cotton fabrics ensures the people and the natural environment are not exploited.

Our selection of Australian lupin beans as our heat pack filling keeps the carbon footprint of our enterprise low and keeps local farmers in business.

Proud to work on country

We acknowledge past, present and emerging Indigenous elders and celebrate more than 50 millennia of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to culture and country. We proudly live and work on Kaurna country in South Australia.