Our story

Sustainable designs, meaningful impact

Double Denim is a social enterprise committed to women’s recovery from homelessness.  We make sustainable heat packs (that double as cold packs) and donate $5.00 to our charity partner, Catherine House for each pack sold.

How we got started with making 'heat bags'

We know many women who love the comfort and relief they get from what have most commonly been known as ‘wheat bags’. These heat packs can soothe aches and pains or just provide a little extra warmth on a chilly afternoon. For many women, they are an integral part of a cosy time at home – putting the kettle on for a cuppa and ‘zapping’ their heat pack in the microwave.

Initially, co-founder Josie started making heat packs for family and friends, experimenting with using denim, fabrics and a range of fillings. 

Some beautiful designs began to emerge from our home-based sewing room. Great product feedback encouraged Josie and her husband Matthew to start a business. They called it Double Denim, in tribute to the main material used in every pack's design.

Connecting comfort to homelessness

In these early stages, the co-founders had a chance conversation with a young homeless woman. She was one of the many in the growing population of people sleeping rough in Adelaide, people who represent only a small proportion of those who are experiencing homelessness. Now 44% of homeless people in South Australia are women and the fastest growing group is women over 55 years of age. 

It made sense that 'heat bags' – items we so strongly associate with comfort and with home – would be a wonderful item to sell to benefit women experiencing homelessness.

We thought of the pleasure someone would get buying something for their own comfort or as a gift of comfort to a friend, knowing that their purchase would go towards supporting women recovering from homelessness. That’s why our social enterprise model is to 'share the warmth'. 

We donate $5.00 for every heat pack sold to women’s homelessness charity, Catherine House. We also give at least 50 heat packs every year to women of this service who are on the way to a home of their own.

Plant-based designs for every home

Our packs are 100% plant-based – the denim is pure cotton and the prints are GOTS-certified cotton. The stitching, liner and even our product tags are cotton (and this means tiny offcuts can be composted).

We fill our packs with Australian-grown lupin beans, or 'lupins', as they are sometimes known. Our packaging is 100% recycled paper and we're experimenting with the best options for packing and sending customer orders to your door.

Our packs are made to last, however if your pack reaches the end of its life, you can safely compost it in your garden or put it into your green waste bin.

There's more to the story

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