Why denim?

We all know that denim goes with everything. It's a really special textile because it's durable, versatile and comfortable. It takes on a new form in our heat packs and you will be surprised at how wonderful and soft it feels, especially when heated. This is especially the case with our gorgeous end-of-cycle (remnant stock) cotton denim washed and supplied to us by our amazing supply partners, Nobody Denim

How environmentally friendly are your packs?

Every part of our packs considers high quality and sustainability standards. In fact, our packs are currently 100% plant-based. We use cotton denim, GOTS-certified cotton prints, cotton thread and liner and even our custom loop tag (most on the market are polyester). 

The 100% cotton denim is provided by supply partners, Nobody Denim, out of end-of-cycle material. Unlike so much fast fashion, this 'pre-consumer waste' is not destined for landfill, but instead features in our packs.

Our packs are filled with lupin beans, a legume grown right here in Australia.

What's inside the packs?

Double Denim packs contain a small seed-like pulse known as lupin beans. These small legumes are grown in Australia. It is more environmentally friendly than silicon plastic beads and is superior to wheat as a heat pack filling.

Lupin beans belong to the legume family and unlike some crops in Australia, can actually have a positive impact on the land. They are used in cropping rotations, help fix nitrogen to the soil and improve conditions for other plants. Most importantly, when it comes to our packs, in comparison to wheat and other grains, lupins hold the heat longer (up to one-third that of wheat), they are lighter, don't smell and feel really nice through the fabric – especially the soft washed denim.

What is a social enterprise?

As the term implies, social enterprise is a bit like a charity (the 'social' bit) and a business (the 'enterprise' bit). A widely accepted definition is that a social enterprise is:

  • led by a mission with a community benefit (ours is ending women's homelessness)
  • trade to fulfill this mission (we sell heat packs)
  • derive a substantial portion of income from trade
  • reinvest the majority of profit into fulfilling the mission (we donate $5.00 for every heat pack, donate one pack to women with the service for every 10 sold and if we make a profit (early days), plan to give 50% to Catherine House).

How do I heat my pack?

Heat in a clean microwave oven for up to two minutes. To distribute the heat more evenly, shake the heat pack after every 30 seconds of heating. Please DO NOT OVERHEAT and do not use under bedding. While microwaving, it is best not to leave the heat pack unattended. 

Can I use it as a cool pack?

While we typically call our Double Denim packs 'heat packs', they are equally good at helping you keep cool or to soothe aches and sprains or even use as a relaxing eye mask. Place your pack in an airtight container or a sealed plastic bag and place in the freezer to chill to the desired temperature. 

How do I keep my pack clean?

Spot clean with a damp cloth. To protect from soiling, we recommend using a folded tea-towel under your heat pack when microwaving.

Who is Catherine House?

Catherine House isn't a person. It's a unique organisation that provides emergency accommodation and support services for women experiencing homelessness. Catherine House is the only homelessness and recovery service for women only in South Australia. Currently they support 54 women every night of the year, as well as supporting women through their Women’s Centre and outreach services.

We donate $5.00 to Catherine House for every heat pack purchased. We also provide packs to the women they support. 

We have shared more about Catherine House in Our partners.

Do you have your product in shops?

While you can buy your Double Denim packs right here, once we are through the Covid-19 pandemic, you can check them out in real life at our range in select outlets across Adelaide. Head across to Our partners for an updated list. We are keen to partner with a range of different organisations interested in our product and mission, so if this sounds like you, get in touch.

What happens to the donations from each pack sold?

Every pack sold results in Double Denim donating $5.00 to the recovery programs at Catherine House. The funds go to a range of worthy and essential things. Donations from 10 Double Denim packs sold will fund a bag of welcome goodies for women newly arriving at the service and 40 packs sold will help provide a woman in need with a night's accommodation.

What about deliveries?

For almost all of our deliveries, we use a brilliant organisation called Sendle. They pick up the packages we make up from your orders and deliver it to your door. All the transport is 100% carbon offset and we use their distinctive black cornstarch compostable bags to package orders. Some of our regional customers might get their deliveries from Australia Post, as couriers don't cover every pocket of Australia.